Canvas Training Center

Canvas Training Center
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General Support Procedure

   t-help.gif      white-200px.png        p-help.gif

     What qualifies as Technical Help?

  • How do I add a file?
  • How do I email my students? 
  • How do I use Speedgrader?

     What qualifies as Pedagogical Help?

  • How do I structure my content?
  • How do I use Canvas to flip my classroom?
  • How can Canvas increase student engagement?
 mag-glass-icon.png  Check the CANVAS TRAINING CENTER
 Tutorials. white-40px.png
 email-icon.png  Schedule pedagogical help with  CTL.
 chat-icon.png  24/7 Chat Support with Canvas.     person-icon.png

 Come to CTL Office Hours and get help in  person.

 phone-icon.png  24/7 Phone Support with Canvas:

 24/7 Email Support with Canvas.
 Click on Help in the upper right hand corner
 of Canvas and select "Report a Problem"

      person-icon.png  Come to CTL Office Hours and get help in  person.
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